Review: Tsujiri Toronto – Japanese Dessert

Restaurant Location: 147 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON M5G 1P5

The weather is getting colder now in Toronto. It’s not a bad thing since the line ups were crazy at Tsujiri during the summer time. In hopes of getting a taste of good matcha ice cream, I decided to go later in the day to avoid the line up. What can I say, I should totally pat myself on the back for making such a brilliant decision.

Tsujiri is not a long walk from the Eaton Centre nor the Tetsu Cheesecake shop. I usually pick up a cheese cake at Tetsu for $10 since the cake is a bit addicting. Anyways, back to my experience at Tsujiri – the ice cream hands down was delicious! I ended up trying one of the sundaes  (which was a bit expensive at $7) and a matcha cream puff (at $3). It is definitely a bit pricey for the food you get but it’s well made and taste oh so good. Also, the restaurant is quite small, not too many seats!


The sundae had red bean with balls of mochi added to it. It was surprisingly a tasty combination. I ended up eyeing the chocolate roll near the counter while I was devouring my sundae. It didn’t take me too long to eat the chocolate roll as well.

Overall, I would come here for a treat after dinner. It was superb!

Restaurant Atmosphere: + + + + +

Portion size: Small – Normal – Fit for 2
Price: $7~$12
Taste: + + + + +
Indoor Seating: Yes
Overall: + + + + +



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