Review: Seven Lives – Baja Style Tacos

Restaurant Location: 69 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2

I had the urge to walk around the city that day, so I did. I wanted to try Seven Lives for a long time since I’ve always noticed a line up at their door, so I made up my mind to go that day. Even though I went around an awkward time which was around 3 p.m., there was still a line up. It wasn’t super duper long, but it took a ton of time. The decor was awesome but the place seemed super small. Literally, it was worse than getting on the transit system during rush hour. But, hey! I finally reached the podium to order my tacos. They were $4 dollars a piece, and it’s cash-only (which is sort of inconvenient) but who am I to complain?


Maybe it was social media, or maybe it was other food blogs raving about this place that got my hopes up. But honestly, the taco was alright. There was nowhere to sit, so don’t bring a bunch of friends there expecting to have a place to sit. It’s more of a grab and go place anyways. The tacos unfortunately was not mind-bogglingly spectacular to the point where I would be happy to wait in line for 30 minutes. It was a good night, but the tacos were allllright.

Restaurant Atmosphere: + + + + +

Portion size: Small – Normal – Fit for 2
Price: $4~$12
Taste: + + + + +
Indoor Seating: Yes
Overall: + + + + +



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