Review: Cafe de Paris – Dessert

Restaurant Location: 4186 Finch Ave E #31, Scarborough, ON M1S 3V1

I’ve been seeing mango volcanoes on my Instagram feed for the past month. Yes, I call them mango volcanoes cause they really are volcanoes. I thought the only place they sold it was in Korea but boy, was I wrong! I found a shop that recently opened in Scarborough. Good old Scarborough never lets me down.


Obviously, I went to check this place out. There was a huge line when I was there and I noticed a lot of seating in the store. Since I am an visual artist, I did not really appreciate the poorly done mural but that aside, it was a cool shop.


I got the Mango Bon Bon since I love mangoes.

To be honest, it was a bit expensive for what it is (mango slush, whipped cream, mango slices). Therefore, I recommend it once – but I would not go there again.

Restaurant Atmosphere: + + + + +

Portion size: Small – Normal – Fit for 2
Price: $7~$15
Taste: + + + + +
Indoor Seating: Yes
Overall: + + + + +



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